Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Charles Phillips and Oracle: A legacy of expansion

One of the leaders in the enterprise software solutions industry is Infor’s current CEO Charles Phillips, who was once Oracle’s president. Phillips had been instrumental in molding the latter into one of the two biggest players in the software solutions field.

From August 15, 2011

Prior to 2003, Oracle was a far cry from what it is today. Most of its acquisitions in the past eight years have been minor ones, lacking in name recognition. That all changed when Phillips took the reins. The seven years that marked his tenure as president of Oracle were marked by many strategic acquisitions that were both aggressive and quick. These opening moves eventually helped the company compete head-on with industry leader SAP.

From August 15, 2011

Under the compass of Charles Phillips, Oracle experienced unprecedented revenue growth at 300% with a profit of $26.8 billion in fiscal 2010 alone. The company had at one point become Charles Phillips’ mistress; his dedication to work, plus effective management and strategy plus constant and quick innovation, resulted in the Oracle of today. And although Phillips had moved on since his resignation, his legacy laid the foundations for Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems not long after.

Charles Phillips Photo credit: Flickr

Currently, Charles Phillips is the CEO of Infor, a company he is currently grooming to be the third major player in the enterprise software industry after Oracle and SAP.

More information about Charles Phillips and his Oracle days can be accessed on his Facebook page.