Thursday, April 19, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor collaborates with Oak Barrell

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Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, stated that one of his company’s goals is to create software that handles all of clients’ business processes. The release of Infor10 a few months ago proved this resolve, with the suite’s advanced applications covering a wide variety of platforms. Infor pushed the envelope with its announcement of its collaboration with Oak Barrel Software in improving Infor10 PLM Process (Optiva) to provide customers with better tools for product lifecycle management.

"Getting new products to market is a race that continues to grow more complex, and process manufacturers must be increasingly agile, responsive and focused on the rapidly changing demands of the market to outpace the competition," said Venkat Rajaji, Infor’s Global PLM Product Manager.

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According to Charles Phillips, Infor intends to create software designed for the particular processes of specific industries. Indeed, the Infor-Oak Barrel collaboration is focused on enhancing the manufacturing process to speed up time-to-market and give users better control over the critical aspects of the operation. Infor announced three enhanced modules:

Infor10 PLM Process Material SpecSafe
This helps manufacturers work closely with suppliers to better meet specifications and minimize recall and decreasing compliance issues.

Infor10 PLM Process Product SpecSafe
This allows manufacturers to communicate new product specifications across the entire supply chain, creating an efficient way of inputting new ideas for product development.

Infor10 PLM Process Recipe Builder
This helps companies in batch manufacturing industries produce recipes that are compliant to the S-88.

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"The process manufacturing expertise of both Infor and Oak Barrel Software enables companies to speed product time-to-market and help ensure that products are accurately and efficiently guided through critical steps of development, a differentiating capability for our customers," said Rajaji.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor is first founding sponsor of Veterans Posse

Infor’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity is in the works, and the firm, with Charles Phillips at its helm, continues to uphold corporate social responsibility.

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The ERP software vendor sponsors the Posse Foundation as the latter launches the Veterans Program, which seeks countrywide increase of the rates of attending and graduating veterans in selected colleges and universities.

Mr. Phillips already expressed his appreciation of the service:

"The Posse program has a proven track record of sending teams of high school graduates to great universities and helping them succeed by forming reinforcing support groups. Extending this concept to veterans is a great idea."

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To walk the walk, Infor has initially donated $100,000 to Posse, becoming the first founding sponsor of the initiative; Vassar College, on the other hand, is the first institution to open enrollment to the Veteran Posses.

Charles Phillips, the CEO of Infor, is the co-founder of the Phillips Charitable Organizations which also hosts programs to help single African American mothers, students with inclination towards engineering and the sciences, and veterans.

Selecting a Veterans Posse Scholar

The Posse Foundation has a signature selection process that will filter, gather, and train multicultural teams, or Posse, of 10 veterans and send them to selected four-year higher education institutions. All tuition and support will be provided by the Posse until the scholars graduate.

Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial thanks Infor for its “leadership in supporting this incredibly important investment in our nation's future leaders." Information about the foundation’s programs can be found here.

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