Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor addresses the needs of a city-sized customer

Charles Phillips’ Infor is known for its industry-specific ERP systems. It delivers sophisticated enterprise solutions that fit its customer’s needs and processes to a T, even if the client concerned is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit: facebook.com

Infor recently included San Antonio, the largest city in Bexar County, Texas, in its growing clientele. The company is more popularly known as a source of innovative software and tools used in private enterprises, but together with Lawson, it also offers solutions designed for the public sector. In this area, Infor focuses on industry expertise, and shares best practices among industries like healthcare, utilities, and transportation.

Part of Charles Phillips’ “New Infor” is the company’s emphasis on product development. This is in order to produce more innovative software for its diverse client base.

As the 19th largest city in the U.S. in terms of population, San Antonio demanded a powerful IT system in order to efficiently manage its complex infrastructure and business operations. It identified a total of 3,500 functional and technical requirements to automate and streamline its processes, covering data delivery and the creation of effective budget-related decisions.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit: facebook.com

To address its numerous IT needs, Bexar County selected Infor's Lawson solutions: Lawson Financial Management, Lawson S3 Supply Chain Management, and Lawson Business Intelligence. These solutions allowed the county to make better budgetary decisions, and improved the management of the end-to-end procurement process, from sourcing vendors to managing ongoing contracts. The county was also able to realize savings with the streamlined process and accurate data, and is currently expecting additional savings in the future.

“We were confident the Lawson solution would be simpler, functionally richer, and more cost-effective," says Susan Yeatts, auditor of Bexar County.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Charles Phillips: Lending a hand to the posse

Charles Phillips is not a stranger to philanthropy. He established the Phillips Charitable Organizations in a bid to extend aid to America’s single parents and underprivileged students. Recently, he furthered his involvement in education-related humanitarianism as under his leadership, Infor became the first corporation to sponsor The Posse Foundation’s Veterans Posse program, an endeavor that aims to provide veterans with access to higher education.
From Charles Phillips
The Posse Foundation is built on the goal of helping disadvantaged but promising students complete their college education. The organization puts young people in groups of 10 composed of other students, in order to form a support group they can depend on as they study in university. The Veterans Posse program works the same way, but applies to army veterans.
From Charles Phillips
Considering Charles Phillips’ background, it is not surprising that he would be involved in such an affair. After acquiring his degree in Computer Science from the United States Air Force Academy, he became part of the U.S. Army. He left the force with the rank of Marine Captain. "The Posse program has a proven track record of sending teams of high school graduates to great universities and helping them succeed by forming reinforcing support groups. Extending this concept to veterans is a great idea," Phillips said. "In appreciation for their service, Infor is proud to be a founding sponsor of this new initiative to help veterans obtain college degrees."
From Charles Phillips
Infor has donated $100,000 to The Posse Foundation. Every year, the organization will recruit and train multicultural posses of 10 veterans and send them to institutions of higher education. Each of them will attend college free of charge, and will receive support until graduation. For more updates on Charles Phillips, visit this Facebook page.