Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charles Phillips: Manifesting Marine values in business

Charles Phillips Photo Credit: passionateflame_1

The U.S. Marine Corps is a proud organization built upon many values. A former Marine Captain, Charles Phillips retained some of these values, and has applied these into his business strategies. Phillips’ corporate affairs have shown what he has said: that his management style was heavily influenced by his military upbringing.

The Marines are among the icons of the U.S. Military, having engaged in many of the nation’s finest moments. A member of the U.S. Marines is expected to uphold a set of values that encourages them to become better citizens—among them are integrity, tact, and decisiveness. A former Marine himself, Phillips has carried these values over to his new career in the world of enterprise software.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit: orvalrochefort

The Charles Phillips business strategy can be described in three words: quick, aggressive, and strategic. This was first implemented during his time as the president of the enterprise software giant Oracle and manifested many of the aforementioned values, primarily decisiveness and tact. The acquisitions made by Oracle were not only fast but well-thought-of; Phillips had focused on acquiring a lot of big-name companies into Oracle’s wing, propelling the firm towards further growth and prosperity.

This strategy eventually proved successful—today, Oracle now sits at the top of the enterprise software industry alongside SAP. Now the CEO of Infor, Phillips continues to apply the strategies, which owe their existence in part to his Marine upbringing.

Charles Phillips Photo Credit: Getty Images

More information on Charles Phillips and his background is available at his Twitter.