Friday, June 8, 2012

Charles Phillips: Infor leads web-based support with Infor Xtreme

According to Charles Phillips, Infor’s culture of speed has several facets. Aside from helping customers run faster by providing software with sophisticated functionalities, the company also responds to its clients and works to solve their problems as fast as possible. With this aim at the core of its services, it is no wonder that Infor’s Xtreme Support program would be counted among the leaders of Web-based support today.

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Customer support plays a role so vital to both organizations and their customers that it can be a deciding factor in a company’s success. For customers, it can spell the difference between a maximized and a wasted investment in enterprise software. This contributes largely to customer satisfaction, which in the long run, may affect a manufacturer’s performance in the market.

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Charles Phillips’ Infor is clearly pushing the envelope in terms of its customer support services, as seen by the recognitions it has garnered. Infor Xtreme Support was recently counted by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) among the “ten best support sites.” This was in recognition of the support portal’s capability to assist Infor customers in resolving technical problems quickly and minimizing business process interruptions. The Xtreme Support program also won the 2012 MarketTools ACE Award for support in March this year.

Infor Xtreme Support is a user-friendly and customizable Web-based portal, a part of the company’s Xtreme Support program. It was redesigned and re-launched in January, and offers easy-to-access critical support resources including software patches, updates, knowledge base, online communities, and more. It also features a new user-grade interface that allows users to set their viewing preferences in order to facilitate faster and more effective access to information.

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For more information about Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, visit this Facebook page.