Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why attend Inforum 2013?

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Great minds do think alike, but in the age of travel and globalization, they sometimes have to come together in order to achieve this. The gathering of like-minded professionals is one of the best ways to witness innovation, solve problems, and generally determine where the industry is headed. Such gatherings exist for every industry, and for social enterprise, that event is called Inforum.

Inforum is an annual gathering of CRM leader Infor’s customers, employees, partners, and potential clients. Designed for the sharing of ideas and innovation, Inforum educates all members and investors on the state of the enterprise software industry and provides insight on what can be expected. In a world that is increasingly dependent on virtual social interaction, events like Inforum are necessary in determining when one is on the right path. Employees can get a bigger picture of where their career is headed and business owners can learn how to prepare and hop on board.

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Whether a start-up professional looking for ideas about where to take his business, or an industry expert looking to engage in insightful conversation with equally versed individuals, Inforum is the event to attend. There, attendees will benefit from firsthand information provided by experienced senior management officials, enterprise software experts, and speakers across different industries. www.inforum2013.com has the complete catalog of the conference and sessions.

Inforum 2012 was attended by over 5,000 participants from over 40 countries. This year’s event is expected to be bigger. Get more information about Infor, its services, and its success from CEO Charles Phillips via this website.

Image source: guidetechnologies.com

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